Email Marketing for Real Estate

Email Marketing for Real Estate

Email has been established time and time once more to be the simplest driver of profits in terms of lead generation. Now we will see how you can use real estate email marketing blasts, newsletters, and more to increase profits.

      1.Real Estate Email Marketing Terminology:

When it’s about real estate email marketing then you need to know some its terminologies, let’s get started

Bounce Rate:

Let’s be honest, a few people will simply give you awful contact information. If somebody gives you an awful email, it will bounce. That just means it couldn’t be delivered because the email address was fake. Your bounce rate is the number of your messages that couldn’t be delivered. You should shoot for under 5%.


As the name sounds, the Blacklist is a terrible thing. You can utilize a tool called MXToolbox to check whether you are blacklisted. If you are, that just means you’ve been SPAM too often by email recipients.

Bulk Mail:

In case you’re sending newsletters or autoresponders, you are likely sending bulk mail. Typically systems like Gmail and Hotmail maximize in viability around 100 emails. From that point onward, you truly require something like MailChimp or GetResponse.


Basically, you can’t SPAM individuals through email anymore. If you think what you’re doing is questionable, it’s illegal.

CTR (Click-Through-Rate):

The percentage of individuals that clicked on your email versus the number that opened.

Conversion Rate:

The percentage of individuals that made a move on your call-to-action. For example, you could endeavour to motivate individuals to ask for a purchaser/dealer presentation. Then your conversion rate would be the number of presentation request divided by the number of individuals on your list.

Double Opt-In:

In real estate email marketing, you can either have individuals confirm their email or simply expect they entered the right one. The double opt-in process is where individuals need to click the confirmation link in the primary email you send them. Else, they won’t make the list.

Open Rate:

The open rate is the percentage of individuals that open your email marketing campaign.


This is the point at which an individual enters their contact data and joins your real estate email marketing list.

Plain Text or HTML emails:

You would now be able to send messages with graphics. If your email has graphics, then it’s an HTML email. if it’s just message, then you have a plain content email.


This is the inverse of the blacklist. You need your email address to be on the whitelist so your messages don’t wind up in the SPAM folder.


A CRM or client relationship management tool is for the 1-to-1 communication. Your email marketing software is more for 1-to-many communication. This is really a major distinction and you should likely have diverse software for each separation function.

      2.What Should You Actually Send Your Real Estate Email Marketing?

Here is a list of ideas for both your newsletters and real estate email:

Real estate Email Blast Ideas :

  • Neighbourhood Reviews

  • New Restaurant Reviews

  • New Listings

  • Open House Schedules

  • Huge Personal Family Events

  • Enormous Town Events

Real estate Newsletter Ideas :

  • Listing Videos

  • Sharing Educational Blog Posts

  • Sharing Information About The Local Market

Some tip for Real Estate Email Marketing:

  • Send Your Leads Listing Updates from Your MLS

  • Send Weekly Emails + New Listing Alerts

  • Send Targeted Emails to Your Website Visitors

  • Shorter Articles Work Better than Longer Articles

  • Set Aside Time Every day to Build Your Email List

  • Edit Your Email List Regularly

Now that you have a better idea of what to send your leads, these email marketing for real estate will bring you a lot of clients and you will be popular and you will gain the huge amount of profit.