Social Media for Real Estate

Social media for real estate

Social media is no longer optional for real estate business professionals because gone are the days when buyers would open a newspaper to look for properties for sale or look up names of real estate agents in a phone-book. Nowadays buyers look for a home online. it is important for any real estate agent to use social media in marketing their businesses and listings.

It’s not always understandable how to use social media as a tool to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Here are some of the great ways for real estate professionals to market on social media.

How can social media be used for real estate business?

Here we will see an overview of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and how professionals can use them for real estate business. There are also many more social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube etc which is also a great way for marketing your real estate business services.

      1. Facebook:

Facebook is a popular platform where people connect with friends and family online.

Do not use your personal FB account for your real estate business services because it lacks professionalism, and use the page to engage with your clients.

  • Post about Your Neighborhood as this will market your space to prospective residents, and it conjointly shows your passion and information of where ever you’re selling homes.

  • Use images in every post as it will be more engaging, the more people like and comment, the more you will be viewed in the news feed.

  • Engage with people by developing all types of the contest as it is an amazing way to engage with people, it will also develop a deeper relationship with your clients.

  • On Facebook, you need to use a Facebook Contest App to run the contests.

  • You should use Geo-targeted ads. Facebook lets you target your ads very specifically. You can use promoted post too.

      2. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the fourth largest social media site, it is all about connecting through images, it is an amazing platform for showing off your listings. Here are some tips:

  • Set Up a Board about Your Neighborhood. Offer the range of your listings. Make Board about the enhancements, shops, and services available in your community.

  • Set Up Boards about Your Lifestyles. Show your identity, as well. Setup Boards about your side interests. If you love cooking – post some of your most loved recipes. If you love to play tennis – post about tennis gatherings, and where to play tennis in your region.

  • Set Up Boards about Home Decor. Claim to the inward planners on Pinterest, and hotshot wonderful photographs of a stunning home stylistic layout. Connection to how-to destinations, as well.

  • Set Up a Board for your Listings. Keep with the 80/20 control, however, ensure you have a Board particularly with your listings. Ensure your listing Board is situated in your initial four. This keeps your listings simple to see.

 Also, use hashtags in your posts and create contest and giveaways as it develops a strong relationship with your clients and people around you.

      3. Twitter:

Twitter is another amazing social media platform, it helps you connect with not only friends and family, but also with great personalities and as obvious to your clients too.

It allows 140 characters to tweet and give an update to your followers, you can use this to engage and strengthen your relationship with clients.

  • Tweet tips for staging and moving you can tweet tips for staging and moving to your clients as it will be helpful for them, teaching things and offering ideas will attract them towards you.

  • Tweet Local News Twitter is a great place for news. If there’s a new school or any mall being built in your area then tweet about it. it shows how great your neighbourhood is and how well you know it.

  • Tweet Questions Post questions to your followers to encourage a response and create engagement. Also, use hashtags, For example, ask:

  • What is the best thing about moving to a new home? #moving #newhome #sacramento

  • How often you renovate your home? #newhome #renovations #homedecor

There are a couple of social media tips and techniques to implement a substantial real estate strategy. I hope you will experiment with a couple of these social media marketing tips.