Top Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

Top Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

Marketers work hard to gain traffic to a website, what if you can convert the website traffic into leads? Sounds great, right? One of the simplest ways to monetize website traffic is to convert them into leads then promote a product or service to them via email promoting or a follow-up call. We have assembled great tactics to convert website traffic into leads as this will increase rates, generating more sales and increasing your income.

      1. Landing Page:

Your Landing page should be informative, descriptive & effective with target keyword density. It should be SEO friendly which you can rank easily because landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convert a visitor into a lead. You can also apply Contact Form & Chat option for generating more leads. Another effective method of bringing traffic to landing pages is via YouTube content marketing.

      2. Advertising on Google:

You can run your ads on Google network, where you get additional traffic if your ads trigger on prime three positions of search engine result page.In display network, In video ads, you’ll be able to trigger your ads on youtube before publishing the video content or after publishing the video trigger pictures ads at the minimum price via remarketing that you get relevant leads.

      3. Notification Bars:

Notification bars are present on the top of the websites. the browsers usually display warning messages like a missing plugin or a blocked popup in the notification bar. One can place an email form in the notification bar itself or there can be a link to one of the landing pages from the notification bar. Even if an individual scroll down the website, this bar sticks to the top as it is configured like that and it grabs the people’s attention

      4. Unblockable Pop-up Forms:

There are thousands of websites which uses unblockable pop-ups, there is a plugin in WordPress called Popup Domination which can create pleasing popup forms on your website, the unblockable pop-up is one of the most excellent ways of converting website traffic into leads as it allows split testing and tracking.

      5. Opt-In forms on Homepage:

Opt-In form on the homepage is always great and cooperative, it supports people to improve the change rate, Make your opt-in form striking with an exclusive offer. For making attractive opt-in forms you can use WordPress plugins like OptinSkin where you can create beautiful forms.this plugin has click tracking and split testing built it so it becomes very easy for you to optimize the opt-in form.

      6. Contact Forms:

The Contact forms should be implemented in particular landing page with minimum feeds, where the user need to fill their information and you can get leads from there. Contact form should be static. You can install the contact form from WordPress. Contact form 7 is the most excellent WordPress Plugin. You will get more leads if you have a great contact form.



Hope these tactics will help you in converting your website visitors to leads, Though there are several unique techniques to lead generation, the underlying concept is same. Attract visitors by providing them valuable content so that they get permission to email them in an effective way. Offer people something valuable within the email so you’ll be able to build trust so you’ll be able to gift what you have got to sell in a very non-obtrusive manner.